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chakkra said:
Mbolibombo said:

Immortals is definately a AAA game. But yeah, so much missed opportunity here.. record breaking hardware sales and big publishers shy away from releasing games on it. Super weird and bad business. Doom Eternal might make it also - might. But that's it for AAA games from third parties I think.. Unless there's something sneaky getting a reveal at a partner direct that should air next week or the one after that.

Melody of Memory should do well I guess, it's a Kingdom Hearts game after all :P But not a AAA game.

And yes, Hades is definately the best game I've played released in 2020 across all platforms. Damn fine game.

What are the best selling 3rd party titles on Switch? I mean, aside from Minecraft, of course.

I think Mario+Rabbids if you consider it as a tp, otherwise Skyrim, FIFA18/19, Crash N.Sane Trilogy and maybe also The Witcher 3

Zanark best Inazuma Eleven pg