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xl-klaudkil said:
vivster said:

It's not about patches. It's about the console manufacturer being able to remove your ability to play a game or even read the disc at the push of a button. At that point you don't own the game anymore. That's what DRM is. You don't own the product, but only a license that can be revoked at any moment. On a console there is zero distinction between a physical and a digital game in terms of game ownership.

Actual game ownership today is exclusive to PC and even there it's not with some games or only with jumping through hoops.

That's a big piece of bollocks, noo sony or anyone else won't just " push" a button so your ps4 bricks and cant play your physical games anymore, have any proof that even exist?

And explain how they will do that if your(or mine) ps4 isnt even connected.

Digital games are air, you own nothing  but air and a liscene to play.

I have no idea how Sony would be able to prevent you from playing a physical offline game without breaking the law.

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