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curl-6 said:
OneTime said:

I think they just went the easy and cheap route by writing a very generic "dark and gory Sci-Fi story line".  Normally I don't go SJW, but Tilly and that white haired guy are most sexist and homophobic representation of characters I've seen in a movie.  It makes the original series look enlightened.  That's before the general "I wouldn't hire these people to work in a Macdonald's" feel the crew give off.

If it didn't have the Star Trek logo on, it wouldn't get a second season.

They definitely did try to chase the Game of Thrones trend by making making it dark and adding gore and sex. I am curious though about Hugh seeming homophobic? I mean I definitely think they could've written him to be more likeable but I never got the sense that it was an offensive representation.

Probably just my reaction to it, but it felt like they treated him like a 1950s stereotype. They could have had him be a normal member of the crew and just go home to another normal member of the crew who happened to be the same sex.  You know - like real life?