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curl-6 said:
mutantsushi said:

Sounds reasonable, but at that point why does it need to be attached to the original IP, if only people who like it aren't engaged with original IP?

Well, I doubt it was their intention, they probably planned to try to bring in new audiences while still retaining the brand's established base. It just seems they weren't quite able to balance those two objectives as well as they maybe would've liked to.

I think they just went the easy and cheap route by writing a very generic "dark and gory Sci-Fi story line".  Normally I don't go SJW, but Tilly and that white haired guy are most sexist and homophobic representation of characters I've seen in a movie.  It makes the original series look enlightened.  That's before the general "I wouldn't hire these people to work in a Macdonald's" feel the crew give off.

If it didn't have the Star Trek logo on, it wouldn't get a second season.