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I think the bigger question is what danger gamepads poses to gaming:

1) the big service similar to gamepass are running at a loss. Losses in billions from Disney+, Netflix, Amazon etc
2) big games cost big money which means bigger losses
3) pushing out competition or forcing Sony to go down the same road will mean loss in quality big productions across the board.

It's happened with microtransactions becoming a norm and now this will be next. We will be paying £240 or more a year for games we will never own, we won't get big games like Cyberpunk, Gears, Halo, God of War anymore as they will all them be cheaper games asking for season passes and microtransactions for different costumes, loot etc.

The big companies can afford to take a long term loss as they have been doing, but eventually with these things, someone pays for it somewhere at some point.

I rather MS do the gamepass right. No day one AAA games so they can recoup game costs or a chunk of it and then release these bigger games at 6, 9 or 12 months depending on success.

I've lived long enough to see time and time again that celebrating crap deals that are too good to be true, only lead to big losses sooner port later and I love my big triple AAA experiences too much to risk them for a short term cheap gain.