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This idea that MS is in a hurry to recoup the 7.5 billion they invested in this purchase, and as such, would never keep big Bethesda games off PS, is completely delusional. MS is trying to turn GamePass into the Netflix of gaming. They're very open about this goal. They know it's not going to happen overnight, just as they know that the road to that goal isn't paved with big profit. We can look to counterparts outside of the gaming space for this. Disney is well aware that Disney+ isn't likely to be profitable for another 3-4 years. The point of these ventures, is that once you reach a certain point, you start making money hand over fist. And the gaming space doesn't have that behemoth service the likes of Netflix yet, so whoever gets there first is going to be in a massive position of power within the market. That's what MS is working toward. The only way you're going to see future Bethesda games on PS, is if Sony allows GamePass on their platform in some meaningful capacity. Anything else simply doesn't make business sense for what MS wants to accomplish.