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CrazyGPU said:

1 -So the 1st reason is better overall hardware. And I love great hardware.

2- The second reason is the purchase of Bethesda. With the Bethesda Adquisition, microsoft will have several great AAA games that I play and I doubt that those games, specially the most demanded ones are going to Sony. 

3 - and last Price. I really can´t understand why, but in my country (Argentina) games are usually 3 to 5 times more expensive on Sony Store. And the country is sinking, an average Salary is about 4 sony new games. 

Buy the console for the games - not because of the hardware.

If MSFT makes better 1st party games then go with them, if Sony has better 1st party games go with them.

Re price - yip a big factor for some people in some regions.

Whatever your choice, enjoy.