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mk7sx said:

Here's HW!

NSW 666,400

PS4 158,300

XBO 91,500

NSW misses all time record vs. Wii 08 by 21K.  Second highest Sep of all time (even ahead of NDS) and only the second time we've crossed 600K in September.

EDIT: Welfare on Era says:




noshten said:
NSW 666k
PS4 188k
XB1 55k

Effing Xbox screwing my prediction by selling more than expected. 

Wonder how high Switch can go in the holiday quarter.. can it top DS peak in North America? That would be like 6M sales in the final three months of the year with the biggest new title being Age of Calamity. With enough Animal Crossing bundle sales, Fortnite bundle sales, Ring Fit supply... it's possible even without a major 1st Party holiday title. Pokemon expansion could also help 

Anyways doesn't seem like Western AAA 3rd Parties have anything lined up, their loss this holiday - madness really, at least Koei Tecmo is about to have their best selling title in the US by a considerable margin. Must be fun in the executive board rooms, as only Ubisoft has a AA game dated for this holiday on the system - Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Square still hasn't updated us on Bravely Default 2 but the longer we wait the less likely we are to see it in 2020. Can't really think of anything else. 

At least indies and smaller studios are enjoying the success, Hades is probably the best new game I've played in 2020.