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Runa216 said:
AsGryffynn said:

Here's the hilarious part where I remind everyone Sony had 6 different catalogs to pull from to MS's three. 

So where's that logic when I talk about Backwards compatibility, and say that PS4's library is bigger than the three libraries of the Xbox, 360, and One coming forward? One catalog vs three, and it won. Just accept that Sony wins some places, Microsoft wins others, and clearly the areas where PS excels are the places that gamers care about, as Sony has consistently done well and has done outstandingly this gen. That's not even an opinion, that's observable truth, and what I've been saying since the beginning. 

My point is, in relation to the thread at hand, is that Sony isn't worried about GamePass. They have nothing to fear. It's a good service that doesn't seem to impact their business model at all. They have an equivalent in PSNow and people don't care as much about it, so they focus their resources elsewhere - like on exclusives and actually giving us new hardware that isn't just the same as the old hardware. What Microsoft did this gen didn't work for them. It may have been profitable, but it's not as good as what Sony's doing. The 48 million vs 113 millon consoles sold should speak volumes to that fact. And again, to repeat, Microsoft wins in some areas and Sony wins in others, and the fact that PS4 sold so much more than Xbox both in hardware and software shows that the areas that Sony won are clearly of higher value to customers. That's business. 

Selling more games because you have more console gens to pull from doesn't give you victory. It actually means your rival is faring better than you because even though they have less to pull from, they can scrap the edges of their barrel to give you stuff. PS has done nothing but been a pain in the a** for... me and pretty much anyone who wants a "no barriers" experience. 

Current gen means nothing at all... or do I need to remind you how much worse things were from the 5th to the 6th and how Sony had to redline themselves just to equal MSFT? 

Runa216 said:
AsGryffynn said:
I must highlight (by the way, why did everyone forget at all...) that GP is an streaming+download service. Sony's counterpart exclusively streams and that's a boomer for some when they don't have decent latency and their company is known for less than stellar server coverage (whereas MS reaps their greenbacks from Azure).

False. 300 games are available for download on PSNow. The selection is arguably weaker than Gamepass's 200 or so titles, but your statement is false. 

Then why is WP touting it as a "cloud gaming" service and not a subscription gaming one. 

I know I am one of the people who slams MS for having awful marketing, but this is just dumb and proof their marketing team for PSN isn't doing a good job. Also... 7 days to reconnect... who the hell are they, Apple? 

At least MS gives you the whole month. 

d21lewis said:
SvennoJ said:

I'm 46 and thanks to streaming I'm watching TV and movies less than ever. I used to collect a lot of movies, used to spend over 2,000 dollars a year on blu-rays. Then Netflix and other digital services came around while movie quality kept going down (not sure if those are related) So I started watching stuff on Netflix I might have normally taken a chance on to purchase. The crappier image and sound quality made me enjoy it less, getting less interested in watching movies as a result.

Then TV started eroding. Quality shows disappear behind an extra paywall or exclusive streaming service. I 'compensated' by buying them on blu-ray yet now that ship is going down as well. Still waiting for The Expanse S4 to arrive on blu-ray, if ever. Disney took their content from Netflix and frankly while Netflix has a few decent series, most are pretty substandard. Netflix keeps bombarding me with things that match my viewing habits yet I find I'm starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel while I watch for less than an hour a day.

So I spend more time gaming instead of watching movies or TV. Can't wait for streaming to ruin that as well...

Well, damn. Come here, buddy.

*hugs Svennoj*

Netflix doesn't really output "quality". Amazon Prime. Also, you can buy and download digitally for halfway decent resolution.