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GProgrammer said:
curl-6 said:

Every time people point out the fallacy of the "third parties don't sell on Nintendo" myth, someone always jumps in with "b-but they sell more on Playstation!"

This is frankly irrelevant. "On par with PS" is not the benchmark for successful sales. Games can sell 1 million on Switch and still be a success, as long as it is profitable.

Given that third party support on Switch is not only continuing but increasing in its fourth year on the market, it's pretty clear that the third parties that have bothered to make an effort are indeed seeing success on Switch.

A fallacy? Well here is the latest NPD switch software sales from last month.

How can you say its a fallacy when the data proves it is not.

My game company knows this and thats why the title we are working on won't be coming to switch, just pc,ps4,5, xbox one, series x/s.

Theres also the fact that porting to switch requires more time than one of the other platforms, if we were also releasing for xbox 360 and ps3 then it would be much easier porting but we are not. There wouldn't be enough sales to justify the expense of porting to it.

Some 3rd party games do good or OK on the switch but they are generally exceptions

That doesn't prove any such thing; again, you're not actually addressing the original premise.

Nobody said first party games don't sell better. That is not the benchmark for success. Third parties do not need to sell as much as Nintendo's games to be successful, all they need to do is be profitable, and again, the fact they're still being brought over in the system's 4th year proves its worth doing. They would've all stopped by now, like with Wii U, if it wasn't worth doing.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 17 October 2020

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