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CrazyGPU said:

Now the XBOX series X has better graphics specs, It seems to be between a RTX 2080....

.....And the PS5 GPU is between a RTX 2070 super. That´s like 16% less performance. 

Differnce between 10,3 Tflops and 12 Tflops is ~16,5%.

However theres small tweaks to the PS5 GPU (like those scrubbers it has) which should lower the differnce to less than that.

The Series X will be stronger, but not by huge margins.
This is the smallest differnce between the two consoles (playstation & xbox) in terms of strength, probably ever.

People need to stop exagerating the performance differnce.
20-30% is bullcrap, the differnce isnt that big.

CrazyGPU said:

The Series X box is smaller, and much better engineered, The aesthetics are better for my room. And for its size its a beast. 

1 -So the 1st reason is better overall hardware. And I love great hardware.

2- The second reason is the purchase of Bethesda. With the Bethesda Adquisition, microsoft will have several great AAA games that I play and I doubt that those games, specially the most demanded ones are going to Sony. 

3 - and last Price. I really can´t understand why, but in my country (Argentina) games are usually 3 to 5 times more expensive on Sony Store. And the country is sinking, an average Salary is about 4 sony new games. 

It´s cheaper to get the XBOX Series X and The games, plus the PS5 afterwards to play the exclusives than get the PS5 and all the games in that platform. 

I can be considering changing my pc too , but getting a new motherboard, cpu, ram and graphic card will double the price of getting the XBOX Series X and also I don´t have my desktop in my room. 

So there you go. I´ve been a PC gamer, a PS Gamer and will be an XBOX Gamer. 

Its not nessarily better engineered.
Aesthetics are a personal matter.
Size being smaller is a fact.

1) the word your looking for isnt better, but "stronger" most likely. The drawbacks of the smaller size, could be it breaks down/gets hotter ect.
A device being better if it has higher failur rates or issues with noise/heat than the other, sounds weird.  However you cant argue strength/power of the system.
So it would be a better word used.

2)  MS loves to say alot of things, but I doubt they will make these big IP games exclusives or even timed exclusives.  Wait and see, the next elder scrolls game will also be on PS5.

3)  Thats insane, in that case I can understand why you want to go Xbox.  That way you can always just subscribe to gamepass and play that way.

Enjoy your xbox :)

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 17 October 2020