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If he actually believed PS5 market would double, then logically the portion of Sony share price derived from PS5 should also double.
So if he's not doing what should be most basic conclusion for business analyst, then you know it's just entertainment for the peasants.
His esports angle is ploy to market higher price/performance to Japanese consumers, for whom price ISN'T justified by local inflation,
it's trying to persuade them that high performance is the new popular thing because e-sports, so therefore they should aspire to it.

EDIT: In other words, if this was remotely serious, it would be cited by real finance types re: Sony stock price. Gaming press only = PR
From what I can tell, Sony stock is DOWN 2% (nothing serious, normal fluctuation) not showing any serious belief in huge PS5 growth.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 17 October 2020