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Great deal on the Metro Redux games on GOG now, bought them both but I'm having some trouble with performance and low fps.

On a completely different matter; has anyone here had any experience with premium steering wheels for racing games? I'm looking to purchase something that can be used on all platforms since I'll probably go for both PS and Xbox again in the 9th gen and I drive a few games on the PC as well. It's kinda annoying that wheels are licensed for either PS+PC or Xbox+PC and you need a 3rd party USB fix or simply a much more costly and customizable wheelset with different modules to remove and attach. A friend of mine has gotten me a sweet deal on a racing rig/chair that I don't want to pass up, but I don't want to waste top dollar on stuff I won't be happy with (concerning the wheels). By my calculations, I can get a premium kit for about the same price that two much poorer kits for each platform would cost me.

Maybe I'm just in a spending mood as of late and this is all a terrible idea...