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mZuzek said:

Odyssey didn't really do any of that. It doesn't do much new compared to previous Mario games, it's "just" a really good, modernized and expanded version of the SM64 formula.

I'm not sure I can agree with that, to be honest. While it don't think it necessarily bring anything completely novel to the table, Odyssey is much more open-world and open-ended than any other Mario game, to the point that it effectively has different "bones" than the rest of the series.

Prior games' stars were scenario-based; Bob-Bomb Battlefield may have hidden seven stars, but you had to select a specific star to "load" some scenarios (e.g. the king bomb doesn't even appear unless you pick one of the stars, so you can't just stumble into that fight). Odyssey of course is more like the Banjo games, where loading the world also loads the ability to get each and every moon, without getting booted back to the over world after accomplishing each objective. This leads to larger worlds with more compact, smaller-scale objectives, often at the expense of tighter level design.

64 and Odyssey may be cousins, like 3D Land and 2D Mario are related without being direct evolutions of each other, but I don't see them as being siblings.