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Angelus said:
Runa216 said:

uuuuuh, PS5 has more backwards compatible games (4000+) Vs at most Xbox's 3197, and while Microsoft is investing MORE in GamePass, you can't pretend Sony doesn't also have something similar with PSNow (and with the PS+ Collection being a part of PS+). They're not the same, as we've established, but they're similar enough that you can't really pretend Sony isn't trying or that Microsoft is pulling way ahead or something. 

One of these services has...what...2+ million subs(?) while the other has over 15 million. PSNow is entirely irrelevant compared to Gamepass, and that's despite being around for longer, and by virtue of PS4 being the dominant console platform this gen, having had a lot more potential access points in people's homes (something which is going to be changing now that XCloud is getting up and running). And MS accomplished this, as the ardent PS fans love to remind people, without even having a large library of consistent first party output to support the service in a way that would be optimal for sustained growth. That too is going to change this gen, with all the investments MS has made over the last several years.

So...if you wouldn't call that pulling way ahead, I'm not sure what you'd call it.

It's almost entirely irrelevant to Sony as well. One company is focusing their entire resources in one area. For the other it's a complete afterthought.

Sony has 45 million paying PS Plus subscribers. 2 million PS Now members is small fries to this. That's the paying userbase Sony want to retain for the moment.

If they want to go digital with a full subscription service down the line they will entice these owners to change package, put their flagship first party releases on the service and transition completely. Maintaining a large userbase of paying subs while also making money from their big first party releases- maximises their profits though. They will likely continue with this strategy for as long as they can.

Moving now and pushing PS Now (fully) would see them flushing billions away.