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eva01beserk said:
Am I the only one who still does not give an f about any non gaming fetures on my gaming console? Dont get me wrong the cards are potentially awesome if done properly. Jumping in to specific parts of games with a know objective and even hints could be great. But aside from that I would have wished the console go back to the ps3 folder days. All my games here and if I dont care about anything else I dont even have to see anything else. Here it looks like it might be in your face all the time. Hopefully it can be turned off or adjusted.

I use one feature. Screenshots t share the games. Other than that I only use game consoles to play games. I have a Roku and Smart TV and that already seems redundant enough. Same thing in the PS2 era. "it plays DVDs" I had a DVD player at the time. I will admit the novelty of taking Dreamcast to a browser was cool in 1999. It was cool you could make a phone call from your Dreamcast. It was cool it had a digital camera/camcorder in 2000 but at the end of the day. I just ant to play games. I think most people have a Roku/Apple TV and/or Smart TV. Who the hell uses a browser on a console with our phones, tablets, and laptops nowadays. Aside from only 30-second videos and only 720P screen captures. Switch does it right. Keep it simple. Play games. Guess what? I also don't need a browser on a Fridge. (that idea has been around since 1998 lol,never takes off but they still try)

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!