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eva01beserk said:
Am I the only one who still does not give an f about any non gaming fetures on my gaming console? Dont get me wrong the cards are potentially awesome if done properly. Jumping in to specific parts of games with a know objective and even hints could be great. But aside from that I would have wished the console go back to the ps3 folder days. All my games here and if I dont care about anything else I dont even have to see anything else. Here it looks like it might be in your face all the time. Hopefully it can be turned off or adjusted.

I use some non-gaming features on PS3 and PS4 but I would gladly buy a PS5 that only have games, no menu at all, turn on and it will load the game on the disc. Would save a lot of RAM, HDD and processing power that could be used to push the games further or save on costs.

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