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Hiku said:
Cobretti2 said:

I used Shazam to discover 闘う者達 - 強行突破- by Nobuo Uematsu.闘う者達-強行突破

Good catch. That's the Breakthrough version, and it actually was that one. About 1:40 into the song and it starts lining up with my clip.

Shazam great app lol.

Here is a little fun fact about it. It has actually been around since 2002 before apple made a smartphone the cool thing to have lol.

What is scary, most people didn't know about Shazam till they got an iphone and started browsing the apps in the store lol.

Another fun fact it was actually featured in One Tree Hill (when it was cool and about basketball and not the drama it changed to later) and most people didn't even bat an eyelid and thought it was just something they made up for the show lol