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Hiku said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I believe this video contains several variations of the battle theme.  Maybe that will help you find the precise one you want?

Thanks, though I actually checked that video a few moments ago. It doesn't seem to list the specific name of the tracks, and the video was created before the game came out. The first track sounds similar, but nothing that matched from the portion that was played here.

Square let's you listen to samples of the tracks from the OST here: theme seems to be called Let the Battles Begin! and there are 8 versions of it.

Disc 3 track 23 Let the Battles Begin! - The Hideout / 闘う者達 ー秘密基地ー sounds similar. I'll check the full version and see if that's the one.

Unless the full version isn't 01:34 long, then it's not this one either....

I used Shazam to discover 闘う者達 - 強行突破- by Nobuo Uematsu.闘う者達-強行突破