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DroidKnight said:

I am in no way knocking PS Now or Gamepass, but those services aren't for me either.

I also have never subscribed to a tv streaming service not even free trials.  I had custom shelving made to build a Movie and TV show library.  The problem I'm having now is completing some of my TV series collections.  Everything fine and then season 6, 7, or eight only available through Amazon, Netflix, ABC, I'm thankful some of these are still completed in other countries and I just import them in through customs.  I did have to acquire a region changeable Ultra-high definition blu-ray player. 

Once this starts happening with Video games; I'm done.  I'll just buy for older systems or replay what I have. Or for that matter play what I have for the first time, my backlog spans generations and brands.

I hope Gamepass is successful but I won't be forced into it. 

Same. Same. I have an entire wall ofshelves, two layers deep, for my DVDs, Blu-Rays, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch games. I also have, in the other room, a shelf full of PS1, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii, WiiU, Xbox, and Xbox 360 games. I will never fully convert to digital only or service based models. It's nice for those who don't mind the limitations and enjoy the cost to value ratio, but something like GamePAss or PSNow will never have value to me in an interactive medium. 

I do differe with you on video streaming services, though. I have Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. I think these services are good for convenience and for my family, but I still buy Physical Media whenever I can. But therein lies the difference. Passive media like Movies and TV are better for streaming because it's not interactive. It doesn't demand your input constantly, and therefore can be put on in the background while you do something else. A game isn't like that, so it's taking and commanding your time rather than being supplementary to whatever else you're doing. 

That might just be a me-thing.