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hinch said:

Glad they're sticking with XMB, it works well. I like the new cards feature and the way you can jump back in to a particular part of a game if you're missing a trophy or want to replay a particular section of a game. The jumping into a friends game straight from the card looks really straight forward now. Bit Steam-like, no messing around with menus and the sharing to party is a bit reminds me of Discord sharing. Lots of modern features we take advantage on PC now on consoles. Can't complain about that. The tips and hints and PIP modes are pretty cool too.

And the speed in the UI browsing is indefinitely faster and smoother than PS4. Which is what I wanted to see.

Bold: I like that as well. Also, I hope to be able to just jump right into e.g. mp matchmaking instead of booting a game to main menu.