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Runa216 said:
vivster said:

Comparing Gamepass to PSNow is like comparing Steam to Stadia.

Care to explain why? I did add the caveat that most of the titles are streaming only but 300 of those games are available to be downloaded to the hard drive and thus aren't streaming. 

I believe that's the reason why. I tried PS Now and the streaming works fine if you are connected via ethernet but blows via wifi and ethernet wise it can fail sometimes too. Whereas Gamepass you install on your system just as any other game. It does make a huge difference. Plus lets be honest, Ps Now feels like Sony just threw something together in 5 minutes just to say they had something better than GP. MS does care about Game Pass and it's making it its signature gaming service.

I also didn't see that many PS4 games on PS Now and most titles are super old whereas GP has an influx of new releases. That is a big deal.