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Shaunodon said:

I think they were right to go for it. Figured if Seahawks were going to march down the field, they'd likely make the 2-point conversion (I'm aware they didn't, but considering they didn't need to makes the scenario different).

Blame the playcall on 4th & inches. Should be a QB sneak every time.

Angelus said:

It's easy to criticize the decision in hindsight,  but it really wasn't that bad a call. They'd been shredding the Seahawks defense with the run that entire quarter, and if you get that first down, the game is 100% over. Making a FG would have given them an 8 point lead, which again, in hindsight, knowing that the 'Hawks didn't covert the 2pt conversion, would have been enough....but Zimmer also knows the Russ is capable of converting those types of situations, and it would be preferable not to go into overtime, where you gotta let a coinflip decide the game.

Outside of a brief few minutes in the early second half where the whole team fell on their collective asses and kept giving the Seahawk's offense great field position from TOs, the Minny D mostly had Seattle under control. I get that you trust your running game to continue gashing the D like it had been all game, but A) your lead running back is out of the game, B) that gashing came against a D that was on its heels, confused and constantly misdirected, not against a goal line wall, and C) trust your freaking defense to stop the Seahawks like it had been doing all night long minus those aforementioned few minutes. I know it's Russell Wilson at home, but it's Russell at home with no crowd, with one time out, having to march down the field and get it in the endzone twice just to send it into OT.

If that happens and the Vikings lose, I sleep better at night.