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sales2099 said:
LivingMetal said:

How do you know that casuals don't care?  Look how well the Switch has already outsold the Xbox One lifetime sales while outselling both the PS4 and Xbox One in recent sales.  One could reasonably attest that the Switch backward compatibility was one of the driving factors while the Xbox One backward compatibility was not.  It's reasonable.  Then you factor in that the PS4 has virtually no backward compatibility which logically in turn paints a more accurate picture of the Xbox One backward compatibility effectiveness or lack there of.  So I'm I calling the Switch a casual console?  No.  But using YOUR logic and the previously reasonable stated points, the Switch is more hardcore than the Xbox.  Remember, I'm not claiming that.  I'm using your logic in conjunction with FACTS.  And you talk about fallacy?  Well, it appears that it certainly applies to your attempt of an argument as now shown to all whether you care to acknowledge it or not.  Especially when you attempt these tactics:

And there are hardcores/enthusiasts who while appreciate the choice of backwards compatibility, may not have that option/feature high on their list of priorities such as..... you?  Part of your problem is that you're painting such an assumed broad stroke that you think applies to the preconceived groups you've already self-established. And I've never faulted anyone for having a console preference.  But it's "enthusiasts" such as yourself that have taken such a narrow view that when the bigger picture is presented (to include Nintendo) your argument so... falls... apart.

Look, backwards compatibility was never a massive system seller. Never has, never will be, apart from a minor bump from enthusiasts. It’s just nice to have just in case. Also Nintendo is a special case with their 1st party being games that Sony or MS can never replicate. Using them in a PS vs Xbox argument is shaky.

But I digress, if I made the case that BC is a essential system seller then I take that back. What it is good for is preserving our games, having the option to access them, and carry them forward (just like smart phone data and PC games). 

Really have no idea why BC has become such a huge talking point this year. How many people honestly go back and beat games they already beat? I game a lot and I've only gone back to beat about 5-7 games in my entire life that's 25+ years of gaming. Don't get me wrong I do want BC but it's not some system seller to me.