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manuel said:

I'm not planning to play too much on my new laptop (as it only has a GTX 1650 Mobile) and thanks to Covid-induced work shortage I have very limited funds, but I thought having a game pad would be nice, as keyboard and mouse controls just don't do it for me.

Are the pads from 8bitdo any good? Like this one: 8bitdo USB

I'm asking here because I don't trust reviews on amazon any more.

I also thought about getting a pad from an Xbox One or Series S/X, but I'm in rural Japan, and those seem rather hard to find here. (And I prefer wired to wireless if possible.)

Any recommendations are welcome!

I don't know the situation in Japan, but elsewhere you get a used wired Xbox360-controller for 10 - 15 bucks. They are perfect for PC-gaming, best compatibility.