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Lafiel said:
WoodenPints said:
So how come the USB-C port is only 10 Gbps? I was expecting it to hit the USB 3.2 20Gbps or was I completely wrong in expecting that in the first place? I thought grabbing a 2TB or more m.2 drive to run externally though it with 2500MB/s speeds would of been a great option to store all the PS4 games on as a good cost to performance ratio.

probably a combination of licensing fees, USB interface costs, power supply needs and 3.2 ext drives/cases not being all that widely used yet made Sony decide it wasn't worth it (yet?) - btw the 2 USB-A ports in the back are also 10Gbps

the XSX only seems to have 5Gbps USB ports and per DFs internal vs external comparison the difference between loading X1 games from internal (2.5GB/s) and an ext SATA (500MB/s) is pretty miniscule as the games haven't been coded to make full use of the speed, unlike native XSX/PS5 games

That was a very deep dive. Yet they say they got more to share later.

But key point to expand on what you said. The CPU is still doing the majority of the grunt work. So faster ssd's aint helping much.

At least when back compat games are concern gamers should not worrie about fast drives. Any speed will do so focus on good price and high capacity. 

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