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Its probably going to cost around the same if not a bit more. Take for example Nvidia cards FE RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 cards those coolers will be more expensive than a standard cheap AiB cooler due to the vapour chamber heatsink. A higher end card with more heatpipes and more surface area (fins) might cost the same as said FE cooler, but will also provide more cooling capacity. At the expense of size, form factor and weight.

Sony said they were working liquid metal and cooling for 2 years so they must have had a thermal figure in mind. LM is one of the best TIM available, so they went with that not much point to speculate otherwise. They probably thought we have 250+ watts to dissipate, we need to go all out.. which they did.

Yah, I/O shielding too. I guess thats possible, we'll see soon enough :)

Last edited by hinch - on 08 October 2020