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Pemalite said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

PS5 Doesn't have any ports faster than 10gbps so you'd have to still open the side panel and get some kind of M.2 extender which at that point just slide the thing off and put one in xD 

I mean, the Playstation 5's hardware is done and dusted at this point.

My point was there are plenty of ways Sony could have approached this issue.

10Gbps is 1.25GB/s. Definitely not enough bandwidth for a 5.5GB/s SSD... You would need 40Gbps or more... And only External PCI-E and technologies that piggy-back off PCI-E like Thunderbolt can manage that.

Thunderbolt would've been sick. For many other reasons than PCIe expansion, as 40Gbps might not cut it as you said.

I guess I and others don't see sliding off a panel and putting in 1 screw as a big deal, similar to the PS4 method of sliding off the top left plastic cover and undoing one screw. I like MS's method, only issue is that it's a more expensive option than buying third party hardware. 

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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