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Pemalite said:
mutantsushi said:
This format already is adopted on PC, even if speeds equal to Sony's spec are fairly high end and not exactly common or cheap.
Sony already announced that off the shelf PC SSD that meet PS5 speed specification will work, so no need to "adopt" anything new.
PS5 actually has some advanced I/O that isn't quite standard on PC, but also can use PC standard SSD if it's crudely fast enough.
If Sony's advanced I/O standard gets popularized on PC that should help prices drop faster since it doesn't need as high of crude speed.

Samsung has new SSD's on the market that are faster than the Playstation 5

Absolutely, and we know Sony's required specification for expansion storage* will literally require faster "generic" speed than it's internal hardware, "brute force" making up for the more advanced I/O architecture Sony is using internally (with more degrees of prioritization etc). If 3rd parties (or Sony) release M.2 card with that advanced I/O architecture (or compatible equivalent) then presumably you would only need to exactly match the internal SSD speed.

I just figured if somebody was unaware that high speed M.2 NVME is already on the market and adopted as standard PC format, going into the nitty gritty probably isn't that relevant just to correct their broader awareness, and if they do want to buy expansion storage all they need to worry about is matching the spec Sony will announce, which seem to already be satisfied by off the shelf PC market. (although Sony hasn't yet released the exact speed requirement AFAIK, I expect them to do so by launch date)

* To be clear to anybody else reading this, this high speed specification is only needed to immediately play PS5 games from that volume. Any other storage, even slow hard disk drives, can still be attached to PS5 but nextgen games stored on them would need to be copied to the faster internal SSD (or qualifying expansion SSD) before it can be played since PS5 devs will assume their game can use that ultra fast storage. I believe any lastgen PS4 games would be playable off almost any attached storage, since PS4 only had a slow 2.5" hard drive. Last edited by mutantsushi - on 08 October 2020