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smroadkill15 said:
Hiku said:

NVMe SSD's look like this.

There's probably no easy and safe way to connect it to your console unless it's a proprietary version, which will cost extra.
So there's no clear way that will make everyone happy.

Is there no way they can make an external SSD that's usable? I'm not really a tech person so forgive me with my lack of knowledge. 

You don't need to know obscure physics formulas, it's just a matter of the mass market from this class of SSD being a fragile format meant to plug into internal slot, not hang off outside or float around as removable item. It's not matter of external housing being impossible, but that not being what is lowest cost mass market item. So inevitably if you do that, you will have higher costs of boutique item. Whether there is one official supplier or 2. Using mass market NVME hardware means you will always get the best price, and benefit from sales that may not exist for boutique console accessory. MS' SSD specs are half as fast as Sony's, so perhaps for them it is reasonably viable, but Sony clearly wants to keep it's prices to a minimum because they know their spec is so expensive currently. EDIT: Anyways, the video clearly shows how easy it is to open the panels, with the protected area for NVME slot easy to access once panel is off. That part of console was designed explicitly for ability to add NVME drive. The bonus of mass market standard NVME is if you decide you want larger SSD later, you can re-use the previous SSD with a laptop or desktop PC you have that uses standard NVME slot. Last edited by mutantsushi - on 08 October 2020