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Runa216 said:
JWeinCom said:

Posting videos is kind of sketchy here. What works for me 100% of the time is posting the embed code like this.

Then if you just click edit, and then submit it again its worked everytime for me.

That's what I did. First it was just the link, then I realized this forum didn't auto-format it so I embedded it. Didn't work, so I tried to edit it a second time but it automatically corrected it. Third try! 

Alas, yeah I think it's funny that Trump got Covid. Normally I'm the type to say nobody deserves death or suffering...but then I have to amend that statement by saying MOST people don't...most of the time. Anyone who deliberately downplays the danger of a global pandemic resulting in mass misinformation spread and gets the very same virus he convinced his cult wasn't a big deal is 100% deserving of it. He's indirectly responsible for 200,000+ deaths due to his unwillingness to take this shit seriously while in a position of ultimate power. 

Maybe if he understood Spider-Man he'd be smarter. with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, he's more of a 'power corrups, absolute power corrupts absolutely'. He wants the fame and power, but none of the actual responsibility. 

He doesn't need to die, but he does need to go away. 

Fun fact, but Uncle Ben never said that in the original comic. In Spidey's first adventure, it was actually just in a narration bubble. It got attributed to Uncle Ben later on.