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Leynos said:
Conina said:

The disc version seems to have a much more stable base:

Good that I want the disc version.

A fan fixed this monstrosity with a little PS. This is all Sony had to do

I was going to be ignoring what you were saying... as well, it's your opinion. But you are talking like everyone has a problem with the design especially calling it "bad design" simply because it doesn't fit what you think it should look like. I actually like it. More so the digital version which is what I preordered). And there are a lot of people that like it too.

I also think you are making to much of a fuss about a screw, it's only needed for when the consoles in the vertical position. Not when its in the horizontal position. The stand also has a functional purpose, it keeps the console off the surface it's on even when its in its horizontal position. Something that was probably necessitated due o the volume of air it sucks in from the side (or top if vertical).

And you also make it sound like every time you turn on the damn thing you would have to take it out of a closet first or something. You set it up once, and chances are you will not be touching it again for years, and even if you are, the stand will stick to it even when you are moving it around. This is just a silly thing to take issue with.