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JRPGfan said:

WHY are Star Trek Enterprise (prequel with Scott Bakula) and Star Trek Voyager not winning these polls?

Imo their the best star trek series.
However I do think Star Trek - The next generation was also pretty decent (loved Patrick Stewart as capt Jean-Luc Picard), and its currently winning so thats fine too.

Enterprise > Voyager > Next Generation.

Enterprise got cancelled too soon, the first season turned many off from the series. Maybe it was too early, many including me, discovered the series later. Perhaps it's not too late to continue Enterprise? I also had the problem associating Scott Bakula too much with Quantum leap. After that had faded, Enterprise was much better. Same reason I can't watch Castle since Nathan Fillion is Firefly for me. Too distracting.

For Voyager and Next Generation it comes down to the ship for me. Enterprise-D > USS Voyager. TNG feels like a luxury cruise liner, a place I would want to be and even if the episode itself was kinda meh, the comforting hum of the engine and bright comfy ship layout was enough to keep me watching. Voyager is darker, more military like, less inviting.

ST: Picard, no ship, no thanks.
STD: Worst ship in the series but that's the least of its problems.