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Cobretti2 said:
DarthMetalliCube said:

I'm not the biggest fan of the guy - but I've already seen some utterly sickening, evil replies in this thread. Have some decency. You may not agree with his rhetoric or policies, but he's not a dictator - he's an Authoritarian right wing populist. And the 200,000 deaths in the US (of which many of these deaths reportedly had other causes anyway) are not remotely his fault. And furthermore isn't the mask supposed to stop you from giving covid to OTHERS, not from getting it yourself? Soo what does being vaguely opposed to wearing a face diaper have to do with this?

I swear some of the stuff I read related to politics makes me disgusted to be a human. It's the reason I flipped off that category for viewing on this website. 

Agree, on the comments, whether you agree or disagree with Trump never wish death on anyone.

As for the mask thing, I get why he is saying it but that doesn't apply to all masks. The thing that a lot of governments fucked up is basically allowed people to wear any mask they wanted, people made their own even, out of socks and gstrings lol. Mask have become a fashion statement also trying to look hipster.

Those masks are not designed to stop participles and people get infected, hence why I can see the crazies of the world saying ALL masks don't work. They need an N95 mask to filter out particles in the air. This is the mistake politicians made always providing half asked measures like a scarf will be sufficient and kids don't need to wear masks instead of basing it on actual facts and saying everyone needs a N95 mask.

N95 masks work for personal protection, but they allow you to breathe out freely. So, if you're infected they're of little value to anyone else. Like I said, I went to visit my grandma in the hospital the other day and they wouldn't let me in with an N-95. There's also an issue of availability. Saying everyone needs an N-95 may send the message that any other mask is worthless, and that if you can't get an N-95 you might as well not bother, which is not the case.

People wearing shitty masks, or not wearing them properly is a problem... but that's kind of step two. First you have to focus on getting everyone to wear a mask, which, thanks in no small part to Trump, is a huge hurdle. Once they're on board with that, you can get them to focus on the right kind of masks.

As for never wishing death upon anyone... I disagree. If someone is actively a threat to other people, and them living will cause others to die, I think it's best that that person dies. Whether or not you think that applies here is another issue.