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KLXVER said:
JRPGfan said:

Well that is really fucked up if true. Ill wait a bit more to get confirmation, but thats just not ok.

His doctors talked about his treatment, they mentioned 72hours into it, ect.
Which apparently is why people are saying, he must have known then before the rally and meeting with donors ect.
(because why get treatment for covid19, if you dont have it? and know you have it?)

Whitehouse found out, this caused some backlash, and were there to claim its only been 48hours.

So who do you believe? the doctors that briefed people on his treatments?
Or the whitehouse, claiming the doctors must have misspoken?

The state of things, I wouldnt put it past the white house / trump people lieing, as a way to deal with backlash to something like this.
They lie all the time.

The doctors didnt miss speak, and were likely telling the truth.

It also explains JWeinCom's comments about timelines not matching up to him showing symptoms and getting moved to a hospital.
White house is lieing about how long Trump has known he had it.