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JWeinCom said:
This timeline... is not adding up.

On average, symptoms develop 4-5 days from exposure, and start out mild. Trump is hospitalized within 24 hours, which doesn't seem like a decision that would be made lightly.

If Trump was tested every day, then the most likely scenario is that he first contracted it on Wednesday. Tuesday seems the earliest. The tests could have been false negatives, or maybe the viral load wasn't enough for a positive test till Thursday night. Maybe he just wasn't actually testing all that often.

Even if we assume Tuesday was the exposure date, within 3 days he was in the hospital receiving an experimental treatment.

Either he didn't get it when he says he did (which means he was even more careless than we were led to believe), or this case is progressing way faster than usual. Which... would not be a good sign.

I think this is far worse than we're being led to believe.

You called it JWeinCom.

We found out he was confirmed infect on Wednesday (30th of september).
Trump waited 3 days before telling the world, he had corona.

He went around (without a mask on) and met with Donors/rally people, even when he knew he had the virus.
Days before him confirming it, and heading off for the hospital.

He might have knowingly infected others (and just not cared about it)