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melbye said:
This place never disappoint in its disgustingness, how it has fallen. Hope all of you that show no sympathy burn in hell

Thats very nice of you.
Hopeing others burn in hell.
What a good guy you are.

Just out of curiousity did you express sympathy for trump in this thread, before you made this comment?

Also lets be real, what does sympathy for trump matter on VGChartz?
You honestly expect the president to come to this forum, read this thread, and get sad seeing people arnt expressing their sympathy?
Sympathy expressed here wont cure him, or have him get better any quicker.

Also the reason some here are saying they have no sympathy for him, is because he has never expressed such for others that got the same illness.
Hes a super ego, and pathalogical narcasist, thats basically incapable of careing for other people. He only cares about himself and how he's percieved, if he chooses to act decent (which he very often doesnt).

Remember "It is what it is"?
200,000+ dead, and his answear is "Hey I did a fantastic job, atleast it isnt 2million".

Also I havnt wished him any ill will in this thread.
Infact I said it was good that hes getting Remdesivir (something safe and proven to work) and not the hydroxychloroquine, which his followers seem to think is the cure-all (even if proven it doesnt work, and is unsafe).

I just think its odd to come into a thread, the first comments you make are basically "I hope you all burn in hell".

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 03 October 2020