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DarthMetalliCube said:

I'm not the biggest fan of the guy - but I've already seen some utterly sickening, evil replies in this thread. Have some decency. You may not agree with his rhetoric or policies, but he's not a dictator - he's an Authoritarian right wing populist. And the 200,000 deaths in the US (of which many of these deaths reportedly had other causes anyway) are not remotely his fault. And furthermore isn't the mask supposed to stop you from giving covid to OTHERS, not from getting it yourself? Soo what does being vaguely opposed to wearing a face diaper have to do with this?

I swear some of the stuff I read related to politics makes me disgusted to be a human. It's the reason I flipped off that category for viewing on this website. 

Different masks work differently. I wear an N-95 which actually filters incoming air. It actually protects me more than it tends to protect other people, as it has a valve to breathe out. So when I went to a hospital yesterday, they required me to wear a more traditional surgical mask, which I did. 

But, let's suppose it's true that wearing masks only protects others around you. Trump and those around him should have all been wearing masks. Then they're all protected against each other. If Hope Hicks had been wearing a mask, perhaps she wouldn't have transmitted it to Trump, if she was the one who did. If all of the people at the rose garden had been wearing masks, then perhaps we wouldn't have 7 confirmed cases so far from people at the event. 

And then Trump after knowing he was exposed to someone with the virus went to a fundraising event in New Jersey. He reportedly did not wear a mask or observe social distancing protocols, when any sensible person should have known that they may have the virus. If any of those people die, I'd call that negligent manslaughter myself.

Trump encouraged people to wear masks which his own top scientists recommend as an effective safeguard against the virus. Just at the debate Trump misrepresented Dr. Fauci's masks with over 60 million people watching. Fauci for the record says "Anybody who has been listening to me over the last several months knows that a conversation does not go by where I do not strongly recommend that people wear masks".

He actively lied about the severity of the pandemic to the American people. He has promoted ineffective treatments. Claimed the virus was a Democratic hoax. He placed the task force in control of Mike Pence, a man with no medical experience. His son in law, another man with no medical experience, was placed in a key role. Instead of listening to the actual experts on the taskforce and in the CDC, he contradicted them. He is the one who politicized the most serious threat to the nation in our generation. He fought against reality, but reality tends to win.

When Trump uses rhetoric that dehumanizes and policies that kill... It's quite understandable that people are not going to be sympathetic. When Trump mocks the disabled, mocked Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia, attacked John McCain for being a prisoner of war (he likes people who weren't captured), attacks Hunter Biden for his struggle with substance abuse, and constantly attacks others in disgusting hateful ways... It's understandable that he doesn't get sympathy. When you treat people like shit, you shouldn't be surprised when they do the same in return.