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Shiken said:
KingJames said:
Why am I seeing confusion over what console generation the Switch falls under? It may have been a move we have never seen before but Nintendo had to start over and re enter a generation half way through. This gen has been the longest. Switch will be 3yrs 8mth old when the PS/XSX come out. Switch can run 1080p/60fps at best - Its an 8th gen console.

You are seeing confusion over what gen Switch is, because you yourself typed in the notion that Switch is gen 8 out of confusion.

I mean hell, most of your reasoning would point to the Wii being a gen 6 console.  The Gamecube fell short in sales, and the Wii couldn't even do 720p.  Do you see how ridiculous trying to judge generations on power alone looks?

I didn't just define it by power. Switch launch is 3yrs 8months apart from PS5/XSX launch. The Wii U was a failure that Nintendo literally discontinued entirely 2 months before the Switch launched. They completely started over. 8th gen is historic for 2 things - mid gen major upgrades to consoles, as well as a competitor releasing a 2nd console in the same generation to replace the first console due to failure. People actually trying to say the 9th gen started with the Switch in 2017? Or XB1 S/PS4 Pro in 2016? Its just funny to me.