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EricHiggin said:
JWeinCom said:

The only thing they'd have to do is keep Trump in one place. I don't see why that would be so hard. And hospitals are places where people with diseases come. I don't see how that could possibly be more safe.

If Trump was really trying to convince everyone this was nbd, then going to the hospital doesn't help that cause at all. And I really can't see how the most public figure in America contracting this helps in any way makes people think it's no big deal. Granted it's just a matter of opinion, but I don't see the logic there.

The people who are sending in mail-in ballots decided already, but some may have mailed them in but will now wait. If I was mildly leaning towards Trump, this may make me sit on my ballot longer than I wanted to.

People can be weird, but I really don't see catching a deadly disease that the public thinks he hasn't done an effective job containing helping his campaign especially when it effectively forces him into silence.

Can't really further explain this or the next point if you don't see any logic behind it.

Some Trump mail in voters could change their minds, especially if Trump returns weak and in poor health. This is certainly possible.

If Trump wasn't that ill, and didn't follow protocol, the media would have a field day with it, making Trump look bad. I'd think they can also get more access to him or info on him at the WH vs the hospital. If Trump isn't that ill, and can return reasonably soon, and can talk down the impact of it, he can in a way justify lesser restrictions. Basically the reasoning for him being forced into silence would be based on a failure due to the overreach of implemented restrictions. If he's a fat, unhealthy, old, stressed out, angry person, as per the media, how could he get over it so easily, would be along the lines of the claim made. Trump would no doubt be questioned as to him being wrong in the past and agreeing with the present restrictions or more, and he's not going to agree with that. If you think all science is fact and doesn't or can't change based on new findings or experiences, then this wouldn't sway you. If you think science does change, at least until it's undeniably proven by the scientific method, then you may be swayed.

I've seen people, especially minorities, who say Trump should shut up about racism because he's white and can't have a clue because of that. If Trump goes through covid, based on that logic, while it doesn't make him an expert, it means what he has to say now has merit, especially compared to those who haven't gone through it, like Biden for example. Though if Trump comes back healthy and strong, he won't really be able to use victimhood and feelings to get anywhere. He would be able to use his experience to his advantage however.

Yeah... definitely not seeing the logic. I mean, sure those are arguments he could try and make, but I don't think it'll be successful.

Only point I'll address is the one on science. Science is definitely not all fact, and does definitely change. But one data point does not change it. Trump surviving or dying makes no real impact as he's just one of 7,000,000 and has far better access to medical treatment than virtually any other person. The more important point is his utter lack of care and his inability to even protect himself with the tremendous resources at his disposal.