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SvennoJ said:
I agree with Trine. The first one was pretty decent but didn't finish it, I lost interest quickly in the second one.

Never played any of Trines alone, always 3 people coop, but liked 1 and 2, 3 was not so great, 4 is ok.

mZuzek said:
Some people mentioning some indie games reminded me of Limbo. It's not exactly the highest fidelity game out there, neither is it exactly pretty, but the visuals and audio sure did a great job of setting up a dark and sinister atmosphere, the game felt so iconic and unique. Except, you know, the gameplay itself was boring. I was done with it within 3 hours, and only for the last half hour did I feel like anything interesting was going on, then you're just met with an abrupt ending and that's it. The whole thing felt like a big setup to something that never came.

That said, I still have some interest in Inside, it does look like a massive improvement. But Limbo soured me enough on it that I don't really feel that urge to ever try it out. Who knows, maybe I'll get to it someday.

I really like Limbo, both atmosphere and gameplay, it is mix of game and experience (reason I like Journey and FAR: Lone Sails as well), but Inside was dissapointing for me, not enough puzzles and honestly didn't care much for the whole setting.