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shikamaru317 said:

Season 3 is coming sometime. Was supposed to release this year, but filming got halted in March due to Covid, and only recently continued, so might not release until early 2021. Fox sold the rights to Hulu though, so season 3 will be exclusive to Hulu. 

Sigh, I'm still waiting for the Expanse season 4 to release on blu-ray.

NightlyPoe said:
SvennoJ said:

DS9 keeps going up and down and ends in nonsense.

Huh?  Seemed pretty straight forward to me.

Btw what happened with that other show, The Orville. It disappeared.

It's still in production.  But they moved to Hulu and then got delayed by the pandemic.

I didn't like the whole religious prophet stuff DS9 turned into. I never very much liked Sisko in the series, Garet, Julian and Quark carried the show for me. Sisko, Odo and Jadzia were my least liked characters. Jake and Nog were good, Kira had her moments. Miles and Worf just made me want to watch TNG instead :)

Hulu, oh well, another one gone.