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AkimboCurly said:
AkimboCurly said:

I have a WD Black HDD 4TB which transfers at 140MB/s. (versus 3000-4000 MB/s for the seagate SSD). At that rate you could move the entirety of Call of Duty Modern Warfare (200GB) from the USB drive to the internal SSD drive in 25 minutes.

Yeah the 7 minutes for AC at 40GB is roughly 100MB/s. I'd love to know what HDD he was using because in theory with something like a 4TB WD Black HDD you could do it another 40% faster. 

Or a MyBook Duo (Raid with 200 - 400 MB/s).

I just tested the copy time of Assassin's Creed: Origins (PC-Version, 71 GB) from my 28TB-HDD to my SATA-SSD: 03:36 minutes for the last 63 GB, ~4 minutes in total: