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sethnintendo said:

Sometimes putting the national guard in to regulate situations isn't a good idea. Remember Kent State when they shot and killed a bunch of students? There are some riots but it has been over blown by republicans. Remember 2018 when supposed caravans of endless people coming to USA. Don't hear too much about that these days. It is always fear. Republicans love playing the fear card. Terrorist, immigrants and now riots. Let us see there was also communist threat, socialism, gays, religion and taking guns away. Pretty damn soon they will run out of boogeyman's but I'll give them credit they will think of something. Remember be afraid. Very very afraid.

They like to name call democrats snowflakes but the real snowflakes are republicans because they are always scared of something.

Remember that caravan that was supposed to invade and destroy the US a couple years ago that they were all freaking out over?

Remember that time that woman who made a free text game cheated on her boyfriend, and then they formed the Incel community to combat this Watergate level gaming controversy? :P

Remember when they got mad at the suggestion that black people's lives should matter and started threatening people with guns?

Or how about how their breathing is so weak that wearing a simple mask is dangerous to them specifically?

Are they snowflakes? I mean, they ARE the ones complaining about the war on Christmas. Sounds like something a snowflake would do. Don't forget to wish them a happy holidays this year, and watch those snowflakes melt down.

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