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NightlyPoe said:
Hiku said:

Democrats are supporting riots? Can you provide a source to this claim?

Supporting protests is not supporting riots.
That would be like saying Republicans support police brutality if they support the police.

Which Democrats supported which criminal?
Which Democrats support violent revolutionary communists?

Not to mention all the Democrat politicians that have allowed the riots to expand by pulling back the police and not calling in the National Guard.  Not to mention all the Democrat DAs who have made a deliberate decision not to charge rioters for their crimes.  Not to mention the media reports that gaslight the nation calling the protests "mostly peaceful" even as scenes of arson, destruction, and violence are on the screen for all to see.

Y'know, that sort of supporting.

I don't understand how you can say "I see arson on the screen" and conclude that the protests can't possibly be mostly peaceful. If 1000 people protest and one person lights a building on fire is the protest mostly peaceful? This is even taking out the fact that the bulk of protests for George Floyd's murder did not have any recorded violence, but I'll be charitable and assume you mean describing a single protest as "mostly peaceful" rather than the overall protests which have obviously been mostly peaceful.