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V-r0cK said:

Starting at $219.99US for a 1TB! Almost the same price as the Xbox Series S.

Good thing it's just an (expensive) optional choice and already has storage or else it'll burn up in flames like the Vita lol

I wouldn't say it's that expensive. I recently got a good deal on a 1TB laptop SSD for £178 which is fairly much the same price as this Seagate one in USD. You can also get an M.2 1TB one for £120, or about $160 for your desktop, though I notice that that one has theoretical speeds only half as fast as what the Seagate can manage. 

That said I'm 100% not buying one anytime soon. I have a WD Black HDD 4TB which transfers at 130MB/s. (versus 3000-4000 MB/s for the seagate SSD). At that rate you could move the entirety of Call of Duty Modern Warfare (200GB) from the USB drive to the internal SSD drive in 25 minutes. And that's ignoring the fact that you'd be able to play Modern Warfare, and all other Xbox One games, from the USB drive directly. I'll get one much later when there's more next-gen games to play and when the prices come down.