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How do you usually play? When? Where? Do you play mostly single player or multiplayer? Do you game with family? How much games you play each time?

Talking about myself

- Switch is my only dedicated hardware, I sometimes play on mobile mostly in the bus. Currently my installed games are Monument Valley, Subway Surfers and Candy Crush Soda. I used to play Pokemon Go, but Covid is a bitch. On PC I play almost only simulators in long sessions (6 hours straight or more), my favorites are Civilization, Sim City, Cities Skylines. Used to like The Sims, but didn't engage 4 for long

- On my main platform (Switch) I play both handheld and console mode. I usually play handheld in morning before work, in lunch break or right before bed. I play console mode mostly right after finishing my job or on weekends

- On normal weeks when I have only 40 work hours I spend about 2 hours a day gaming on weekdays and at least 6 hours on Weekends

- In single player I usually play at the same time: A RPG, an action-adventure and an indie (generally platform or metroidvania). Once I finish (or drop) a single player campaign I pick another game from the same genre

- My current playing habits includes Animal Crossing every morning for 20-30 minutes and then again for a bit less than a hour at night except in exceptional occasions when I open my island to visitors, and Splatoon at least thrice a week (mostly at night)

- I don't play hard software recently bought, they are more likely to collect dust for 1 month or 2 before I really get into it

- I only do local multiplayer with my cousins, mostly Rayman Legends and Mario Kart, Switch don't have many co-op options. With friends I only play online-multiplayer (AC, Splatoon and MK8 being the most common  options)