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I think the fact Epic re-wrote Unreal code to fully optimize for PS5 I/O controller is interesting and makes it accessible to everybody using Unreal.
As Cerny mentioned real benefits of SSD speeds don't linearly follow nominal speed, I see the same or equivalent approaches gaining traction
in PC space for I/O controllers, no sense trying to sell 4x faster SSD if there are other bottlenecks, so either Sony's own implementation or
compatible or similar approaches could become more common, making optimizing for those a common thing for high performance target games.

People posting here about stuff they clearly don't have the slightest general understanding of (4x PCIe lanes etc) is just not beneficial to discussion,
It makes person who brought it up ignorantly look stupid and doesn't really further their point, even if the think citing random factoids helps them.
If you're not really fully engaging in those technical elements, just don't bother, state your opinion in terms that are real for you, it comes off better.