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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Mnementh said:

With Amazon Luna now also revealed we know about three game streaming services: Googles Stadia, Microsofts XCloud and Amazon Luna. And I think it is highly likely more contestants will enter. Game Streaming offers the convenience of console gaming, without the need to buy into a specific hardware (you still need some hardware, but nothing specific). And the downsides - like latency - may not be as important for some parts of the gaming customer base. So Amazon actually underlines my point: while console gaming as a niche looks secure, the bigger gaming market has become volatile, so that the position of consoles is threatened. I think consoles may be able to prevail, but not without adressing the market changes in some form. These changes may shake up the console market internally, depending on how well each competitor is able to work with the threat. And currently I see that all three are differently positioned towards streaming. Nintendo tries to offer something special, which they probably use to differentiate themself from streaming and trying to carve their own niche. MS itself are going into streaming while keeping consoles around for the moment. Sony is putting their bet on classical console gaming. How this all will work out going forward is yet to be seen. I think streaming may start slow and building momentum in 2021 and 2022. I expect game streaming to become a relevant market segment in 2023 or 2024. Then we will see how this affects console gaming for real.

Exactly.  Not every game is an action game.  Turn based RPGs play just fine even with a little lag.  Adventure games and turn based strategy games also play just fine with a little lag.  But let me be even more specific than that: Elder Scrolls games play just fine even with some latency issues.  Fans can enjoy Elder Scrolls 6 just as much on xCloud as they can on a traditional console.

I even think there are some genres that would be better on a streaming service.  I am waiting for one of these big streaming services to develop their own hit battle royale game.  I bet these streaming services could handle battle royale games even better than the current way of doing things.

Agreed. Arcade games not work fine.