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Community fridges are popping up across America for mutual aid amid the pandemic. The fridges are stocked by donations from local businesses and community members with extra food to spare.

Conservationists in Australia have eradicated all feral cats and foxes from a vast 9,570-hectare fenced area at Mallee Cliffs National Park, creating the largest feral predator-free safe haven on the mainland.

LEGO to ditch plastic packaging from 2021.

Transparent solar panels and ‘Quantum Dots’ could make skyscrapers power themselves.

Lonely widower puts up a poster asking for new friends; is flooded with messages from new pals. 

In the first half of 2020, renewables (solar, wind, hydro and biomass) didn’t just beat out coal on the European grid — they beat out all fossil fuels put together. As a result, the continent's power sector CO2 emissions fell by 23%.

U.S. Senators reach bipartisan agreement to phase out use of a potent greenhouse gas.


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